What Russian resorts are similar to the Greek islands

Which Russian resorts are similar to the Greek islands

Why do travelers love Greece with its islands? For luxurious beaches, stretching on the shores of the four seas washing the country. For photogenic architecture – snow-white houses under roofs the color of the sun and sky. For sights – evidence of the times when European civilization was just emerging. For an abundance of goodies and wines, a variety of entertainment and other wonders. But, if you look closely, all of the above can be found in Russian resorts. The main thing is to know where to look.

1. Beaches: Sochi, Yantarny, Yalta and Olenevka

Corfu, Kos and Skiathos are famous for their beaches – sandy and pebbly, well-groomed, beautiful. But after all, in Russia there are many beaches awarded the Blue Flag. Most of them are located in Sochi and its environs: “The Seagull”, “Vzmorye”, “Riviera”, “Velvet Seasons” and a dozen more locations fully comply with international standards. Two Blue Flags fly over the beaches of the village of Yantarny in the Kaliningrad region – those near the Anna mine and Bekker Park. The Massandra beach in Yalta was also awarded – pebbly, with a pool, VIP areas and restaurants. Crimean Olenevka has no regalia yet, but it is often compared to the Maldives: the sea is turquoise, the sand is snow-white, and diving is beyond praise.

2. Architecture: Gurzuf, Kaliningrad, Yalta and Feodosia

The blue and white buildings of Santorini and Ios are recognizable at first sight, but fans of spectacular architecture will have something to see in Russia as well. In Gurzuf, residential buildings and hotels cover the southern slope of the Crimean Mountains in a colorful scattering: these landscapes inspired Shishkin, Korovin and Aivazovsky. German buildings have been preserved in Kaliningrad: Kant Island with the Cathedral, the Amalienau area, bastions and churches. In Yalta – palaces and an elegant embankment, in Feodosia – old mansions and temples.

3. Antiquities: Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch and Anapa

Not only Crete and Rhodes can be proud of the ruins, where the echo of millennia is heard. On the outskirts of Simferopol, the ruins of the ancient Scythian Naples, the capital city of the warlike Scythians, destroyed by the Goths and Huns in the third century, keep their secrets. The main rival of Naples, Chersonese, founded by settlers from Heraclea, has also survived to this day: being in Sevastopol, you can look at fragments of basilicas and towers, wineries and forges. Columns and walls of the ancient city of Panticapaeum rise above Kerch, and quarters of its predecessor, Gorgippia, were found in the center of Anapa. In Gelendzhik, Krasnaya Polyana and Aderbievka, mysterious dolmens have been preserved – places of power with special energy.

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4. Gastronomy: Sochi, Astrakhan, Novorossiysk and Abrau-Dyurso

Each Greek island has its own specialties: on Kefalonia – garlic salad and caramelized almonds, on Paros – baked chickpeas in pots. So in our resorts they treat differently, but almost always tasty and generous. Barbecue, chebureks, seafood and dried persimmons are skillfully prepared in Sochi. In the Astrakhan region, it is worth trying the triple fish soup, sugar watermelons and the legendary black caviar. And oysters, mussels, mullet, anchovy and other seafood are good all over the coast. Near Novorossiysk, in the village of Fedotovka, the Chateau Pinot complex was opened with a winery, Russian and French restaurants, an apiary and a snail farm. In general, there are many wine outlets on the Russian resort map: from Abrau-Dyurso and Inkerman to Phanagoria, Myskhako and Massandra.

5. Atmosphere: Sochi, Koktebel, Peresyp and Curonian Spit

The most party among the Greek islands is Mykonos, and among the Russian resorts, Sochi. Clubs with trendy DJs, rock bars, karaoke, beach parties, concerts and festivals – life here is in full swing all year round and around the clock. Koktebel has gained fame as a rasta resort with themed cafes and impromptu open-airs, but there are also standard clubs, and there are also tango and jazz festivals. Tired of the bustle, in Greece, tourists can escape to Folegandros, and in Russia – to the quiet and cozy Peresyp on the Sea of ​​Azov. And if you want impressive landscapes, Alonissos is suitable – or the Curonian Spit with endless beaches, dunes and forests.

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