What to rub and where to hang to become rich: 6 signs from around the world

What to rub and where to hang to become rich: 6 signs from all over the world

pinkypink257 “Don't whistle – there will be no money!” they say in Russia. For the same fears, we do not count money in the evening and do not give an empty wallet. And in order to get more money in it, we show the coin to the young month. And what signs do people from other countries believe in who dream of getting rich? Magical animals, products and talismans are on the list of mercantile “Subtleties”.

1. Great Britain: coins in the barrel

The British have many signs associated with animals: for example, they believe that someone else's cat on the doorstep of the house is for money. And when they see a magpie, the British are upset – it is believed that such a meeting leads to financial losses.

To keep the money running out, in England it is customary to put a bill in the pocket of a newly purchased item. But the most unusual tradition is followed in North Wales: in order to get rich, the locals have long hammered coins into the trunks of fallen trees. Such artifacts are still found on tourist routes.

2. Germany: meeting with a chimney sweep

To meet a person of such a rare profession is like winning a large amount in the lottery, the Germans say. However, the probability of this event is about the same low. But if you are still lucky and you get a chimney sweep along the way, you need to shake his hand – then you will certainly get rich (according to another version – hold the chimney sweep by the button and make a wish). But the swallow's nest, twisted outside the window, is a bad omen in Germany: it portends money problems for the residents of the house.

3. Czech Republic: fish scales

Shiny fish scales remind the Czechs of silver coins, so they have a little faith in her magical ability to attract money. For Christmas in the Czech Republic, carp is always cooked: it is not only delicious, but also very symbolic. Once you've finished your portion of the iconic dish, you need to put a few scales in your wallet and carry it there all year long in order to one day make a big profit.

4. Italy: full moon

To attract more money into their lives, the Italians do not turn to the young month, as in Russia, but to the full moon for help. Seeing her in the sky, they take a coin in each hand and say: “Hello, Moon, bring me good luck!”.

Another herald of wealth in Italy is a spider encountered at night.

But spilling olive or sunflower oil in Italy is in no case possible: everything acquired by overwork flows with it.

5. China: conversations with money

The Chinese know a lot about financial well-being: they have many signs to attract money – keep a dish of fruit in the kitchen, carry a bag of salt in your pocket, keep a pineapple in the southeastern part of the house , often eat marmalade and peanuts, make a charm of three yuan tied with a red thread.

Even a chance meeting with a cow in China promises quick profits.

But heartfelt conversations with banknotes increase wealth best of all: the Chinese greet money, express all respect to them, thank them, say kind words. In the process, in no case should you giggle and be ironic: money is serious!

6. Japan: money cat, which in translation means “beckoning cat” or “inviting cat”. A figurine of a cat waving its paw is often displayed in the windows of trade shops, shops, and restaurants. If his right paw is raised, he attracts profit, the left – visitors. The maneki-neko has been used as a talisman since the 19th century. According to one of the legends, the cat, beckoning the prince to the temple with his paw, saved him from a thunderstorm, and he gave money to restore the monastery. According to another, the poor old woman could not feed the cat and drove her away. But the cat, having dreamed of the hostess, advised her to mold her clay copy and put it by the road. Passers-by began to buy figurines and the old woman got rich.

And in Japan they believe in the magic of the number 8, symbolizing good luck, wealth and prosperity. To bring all this into the house, you need to decorate the rooms with exactly 8 paintings or other works of art.

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