What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

We invite you to join us on an incredibly interesting and colorful journey through Dagestan.

So, how can you spend perfectly planned 5 days in a sunny republic?  See our 5 day itinerary. You will learn a lot of interesting things!

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?


At 10 am we will meet you at airport and set off on a journey.

During the entire trip, we will travel in comfortable jeeps. Local guys-drivers along mountain roads will carefully take us to places where ordinary group tourists you just can't get on the bus.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

Dagestan, like a small magical chest with stories and legends, will gradually reveal its secrets to us.

Let's start the journey from the ancient city Derbent. Ancient because the first settlements appeared here before our era. Just imagine how rich the history of the city is. It is not for nothing that it is called a city-museum.

The time for lunch has imperceptibly approached and what Dagestan is without national cuisine. Get ready, it will be tasty and colorful. We'll dine on Piti's hearty soup and try some weirdos. Who knows what kind of culinary miracle this is :)?

And then we will continue our journey through Derbent and go to the ancient fortress of Naryn-Kala. Locals say whoever was not in the ancient citadel did not visit the city.

The defensive complex is included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. The scale of the construction is amazing. I want to touch every pebble that has absorbed centuries of history. And at least for a moment imagine what happened behind the ancient walls.

An incredible panorama of the city opens from the walls. The spirit captures from beauty and spaciousness. We admire, take beautiful photos and go down to the old city.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

The old part of Derbent is divided into quarters called mahals. Narrow streets with ancient houses, where time seems to have stopped and life flows slowly at its own pace.

Our next stop will be the Juma Mosque. This is the oldest mosque in Russia, dating back more than 1000 years.

Well, how could it be without the famous Dagestan carpets. This is the pride of the entire Dagestan people.

They say that even Persian carpets are inferior to them in quality and longevity.

We will go to the carpet museum, see and touch the carpets which are over 100 years old. Let's get into the process of creating carpet masterpieces.

Derbent has its own miracle technique. Lun airfoil.The ship-aircraft was built to destroy enemy ships. Fortunately, he never visited the case, but only passed training tests. Now it sits aground on one of the wild beaches of Derbent,

You can’t get close to it, but it’s quite possible to look at the wonder of the forgotten technology out of the corner of your eye.

We’ll finish our first day deliciously with dinner at the national cafes and soulful conversations.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

Day 2

Dagestan is famous for its traditional crafts. Carving on stone and wood, artistic processing of metals. Kubachi knives, daggers, sabers, as well as unique silverware, are objects of expensive collections.

We will go to the Kubachi regionand see how small masterpieces are born with the golden hands of masters.< /p>

Ride about 2 hours. To pass the time on the road, we admire the local beauties of nature from the windows.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

First stop – Museum of Kaitag embroidery. This is a Dagestan talisman. The ancient art of creating beauty. Now again at the peak of popularity. And no wonder, because fancy silk patterns conquered the museums of London, Paris, are deposited with private collectors and are highly valued.

The silk thread seems to pass through the canvas of life, creating a story.

We will definitely try on the national costumes of the beauties of Dagestan.

And then we will have a soulful and delicious lunchin guest house. How about khinkal? No, no, these are not khinkali familiar to everyone, but another national dish of Dagestan.

A guest for local residents is always a holiday, so just relax and enjoy the hospitality of the hosts. Enjoy delicious food accompanied by heartfelt conversations and folk songs.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

We will finish the eventful day with a homemade dinner visiting our guide Khasbulat. His mother and wife will pamper us with delicious national dishes. And again, this incredible feeling of comfort and warmth.

And then dancing at will and a sound healthy sleep.

We will spend the night in the tourist center of Urcarach.


Good morning in the arms of the sun and surrounded by mountains.

Homemade breakfast, tea with a groin and urbech mmm … What are the mysterious names, we will find out on the spot 🙂

And then we set off.

What see in 5 days in Dagestan?

The village of Gunib is waiting for us. Sunny-gentle corner of Dagestan. On the way we will make several stops for mini-photo shoots. On one of the lookouts, Aivazovsky himself painted a picture.

The history of the village goes back to the 19th century, when Imam Shamil built a fortress in the ancient village, where he hid until he surrendered to Prince Baryatinsky. This historical event ended the long-term Caucasian war.

We will also visit the historical and architectural museum. Let's take a look at historical artifacts and try on national costumes.

Lunch time and again we will try dishes in the guest house of another hostess. Did you know that each region of Dagestan has its own ways of cooking. The same dish can be prepared in different ways. And it's absolutely delicious every time. Khinkals in different regions look and are served differently. You will have to forget about the diet while traveling :))

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

And then we will make trekking along the Karadakh gorge. This is a narrow mountain gorge with smooth walls and magical twilight. Stones hanging overhead. Barely visible reflections of light.

We are charged with the most powerful energy of the place and remember every piece of the moment. A place of power!!! Its second name is “Gate of Miracles”

We will have dinner in Gunib in the guest house. Caring hostesses will lay a generous table. And after a delicious dinner, happy and satisfied, we will go to bed. We spend the night in a guest house in Gunib.


After breakfast, our adventures will continue.

We will set off on a journey in jeeps along the endless mountain roads of Dagestan.

The first stop will be the Tobot waterfall in the Khunkhaz region. One of the highest waterfalls in the North Caucasus, Tobot is different at different times of the year. When snow melts in the mountains, the waterfall powerfully murmurs like a well-fed and contented beast. And in winter it easily turns into a giant icicle.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

And then Old Goor is waiting for us if the weather permits. This mountain village was once a defensive complex and its own life was in full swing there. Some defensive towers have survived to this day.

The views are breathtaking. You are on the mountain. You can't take your eyes off the snow caps on the slopes. You invisibly hug the gentle Dagestan breeze and live in a magical moment.

Here it is, a little happiness.

There are legends that communication was maintained between these towers through a winding underground passage. The villagers could withstand a long siege, as the towers contained abundant food supplies.

There is also a famous rock that looks like a Norwegian Trolltongue, cool photos are provided!

Again a family dinner and delicious joys.

Fortified ourselves. We continue on our way.

We will visit inside the Stone Bowl. It is located on the Matlas plateau and consists of three rocky caves connected by narrow passages. The walls are overgrown with patterns of moss. On a hot day, there is always a life-giving coolness.

We will end the day in the village of Khunkhaz. A delicious dinner and a sweet dream are waiting for us. We spend the night in a guest house.

Whatever house you go to in Dagestan, you will be welcome everywhere. Tasty food. Shelter if needed. Amazing kind people. When you treat people sincerely and with kindness, it will return tenfold.


Morning can be good when you start it on a journey:) ) We will wake up to the crowing of roosters and after a hearty fresh breakfast made from natural products we will hit the road.

We are waiting for one of the top locations of Dagestan – the Sulak Canyon.

The first stop is at the Chirkei reservoir. We admire the turquoise color of the water framed by mountains. We take beautiful photos. And move on.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

Let's stop at the Irganai reservoir. If the weather is good let's take a boat ride(bonus included).

And finally, Sulak Canyon is waiting for us. Top place in Dagestan. Its length is 53 km, and the depth is 1920m! Even the famous American Grand Canyon is inferior to ours.

We will visit several viewing platforms. At each peak, the spirit is so breathtaking that you want to open your arms and hug the wind endlessly. Dozens of beautiful photos will return you to this place of power over and over again.

Delicious trout is bred in this area. We are waiting for fish dinnerand a sea of ​​impressions that we can't wait to share.

If there is time, we will visit Sarykum dune. Local desert and one of the movie locations. It was here that “White Sun of the Desert” was filmed.

Well, our journey has come to an end. The guys who accompanied us all these days will take us to the airport.

The plane is slowly gaining altitude. You look out the window, casting a farewell glance at the majestic mountains and green plains. And smile, because you will return to amazingly sincere Dagestan more than once.

What to see in 5 days in Dagestan?

In the meantime, warm yourself with warm memories and colorful photos.

See you again!

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