What tourists complain about in Volgograd: 10 main disadvantages of the city

What tourists complain about in Volgograd: 10 main disadvantages of the city

Volgograd is now experiencing a tourist boom: people come here to touch the history of these places, and at the same time sunbathe on the wide sandy beaches of the Volga. But, of course, fastidious vacationers find flaws everywhere. The “subtleties” were swept away by reviews, scraped through the forums – and exactly ten points were dug up.

1. Large distances between attractions

Volgograd stretched along the Volga for 85 km. Parks, museums and monuments are scattered throughout the city. If you want to see the maximum during the day, you will have to move quickly, preferably by car. The underground tram does not go to the Krasnoarmeysky district, where the Staraya Sarepta museum-reserve and the arboretum are located. But you can get to Mamaev Kurgan by any transport.

2. Traffic jams

The city is crossed by a railroad, so buses and cars have to stand in front of barriers for a long time to let the train through. Bypass streets are crowded, as there are enough people who want to deceive everyone and go around the railway track.

3. Inadequate reaction to shooting

In museums and exhibitions, it is often forbidden to take photos for no real reason – even with an ordinary smartphone and without a flash. This is a violation: filming of exhibits is permitted by law.

4. Heat and mosquitoes

The best time to visit Volgograd is from April to October. In summer, staying in the southern city is overshadowed by the heat, the temperature can rise to +40 ° C and above. In June, mosquitoes and other unpleasant midges become more active. Repellents and sunscreen are indispensable.

5. Lack of toilets

The development of tourism infrastructure has not kept pace with the growing number of guests: in particular, there are practically no public toilets in the city. The way out of the situation is to look for a shopping center.

6. Overpriced taxi

After 21:00 Volgograd taxi drivers raise their rates. At the height of the tourist season, the price of a trip on the counter can not only double, but even triple. The situation with carriers at the airport is no better. If several flights arrive at once, it is better to wait 30–40 minutes: when the flow of passengers subsides, the cost of the trip will decrease.

7. Problem ecology

In the city itself, as well as in the neighborhood, there are several industrial enterprises. Volzhskaya HPP, CHPP-2 and CHPP-3 are considered record holders for the emission of harmful substances. The right bank of the Volga within Volgograd is unsuitable for swimming and fishing: industrial waste flows from pipes directly into the river.

8. No place to park

There is a clear shortage of parking spaces in Volgograd. To clear the roadsides, the authorities found an original solution: on the central streets, parking is allowed on even days on one side of the road, on odd days on the other. Messed up or did not rearrange the car on time – hello, tow truck!

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9. It's easy to get lost

Three main streets run along the Volgograd embankment. They are very long and divided into segments. Immediately after the bridge Raboche-Krestyanskaya suddenly turns into Lenin Avenue: a sharp change in names causes bewilderment among tourists and often confuses them. And there is just Lenin Street here, which brings additional confusion into the minds of city guests.

10. Few fish restaurants

There are practically no restaurants in the city on the Volga where the emphasis is on local fish dishes. Even in fashionable establishments, pike perch with spinach and catfish with mustard oil modestly hobbled somewhere between rabbit stew, Olivier and other popular, but, alas, completely banal dishes.

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