When can tourists return to the famous beaches of Portugal?

When can tourists return to Portugal's famous beaches?

According to weather forecasts, the stormy weather will weaken in the coming days, and the sky will finally clear up this weekend.

In the capital of the country, Lisbon, showers The rains will stop already on Friday, the weather will improve. True, in the coming days the sun will come out for a short time, from time to time giving way to the same downpours. On Monday, the temperature will reach a comfortable 27 degrees.

Rainy weather is also expected in the northern regions of the country, but at a temperature of 25 degrees. It may rain heavily on Monday, and the sun will return only by Wednesday.

Heavy rain is expected in the central region on Friday, but it will be dry over the weekend. On Monday, it may rain again, and the temperature will rise to 27 degrees.

Slight rains are also expected in the south of Portugal, on Friday there will be showers in places, but good weather will come by the weekend. On Monday, it will rain for a little while, but by Tuesday, tourists will be able to enjoy warm weather again.

Storms in Madeira are expected to pass by the weekend. Temperatures are expected to rise to a maximum of 26 degrees over the weekend, with mostly sunny weather starting on Monday, with average daily highs around 25 degrees.

After not-so-pleasant weather last week is expected that conditions in the Azores will improve by Friday, the sun will come out periodically. Similar weather will continue throughout the weekend, accompanied by a comfortable temperature of 21 degrees. But, it's too early to rejoice: starting from Monday, the region will be covered with rain.

These weather changes have led to the cancellation or delay of many flights, and, as ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, which manages all Portuguese airports, said on Monday, 28 flights were canceled , which crossed out the plans of thousands of travelers.

In addition, 12 flights were delayed due to heavy rain, and the situation is expected to repeat in the coming days.

In connection with this situation, the authorities asked passengers to make sure to confirm the time of departures and arrivals before traveling to the airport in order to avoid unnecessary crowding.

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