Where do Russians go for a US visa interview?

Where do Russians go for an interview for a US visa?

Many Russians, even in the current conditions of life, go to the United States to relax, work, study or visit loved ones, so the demand for American visas is still high.

Recall that today it is not possible to apply and pass an interview for a US visa in Russia, but this can be done in one of the American representations abroad.

Those who need an immigrant visa must contact the US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland. A non-immigrant visa can be obtained at any US mission around the world.

The most popular countries where Russian citizens, non-US residents, go for a visa interview are Poland (Warsaw, Krakow) and Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana). Free places appear regularly, moreover, here you can have an interview in Russian (except for Krakow).

Russians also go to the UK (London), the Czech Republic (Prague) and Israel (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv). ), but the interview here is only available in English. Italy (Rome, Milan) mainly accepts only US residents.

The general picture is that vacancies are taken out very quickly, and the waiting time for an interview is several months, so it is better to plan a trip in advance.

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