Where does the air in the cabin come from during the flight?

Where does the air in the cabin come from during the flight

What do we breathe while flying? At an altitude of 10 thousand meters, where planes fly, the atmospheric pressure is very low, it is simply impossible for a person to breathe there. Loading compressed air on board in tanks is an unaffordable luxury, so crew members and passengers have to be content with air entering the cabin from the outside. But how?

Thanks to technology

The air conditioning system in the liners is arranged as follows: the air entering the engine is divided into two parts entering its internal and external circuits. The first is a compressor that compresses and heats the air. Then it is brought into the cabin through special filters, radiators and a turbo-cooler, being cleaned and cooled. A special system controls the temperature and pressure of the air entering the passenger compartment.

The pressure in the cabin of the aircraft is different from the usual: it is the same as at an altitude of about 2500 m above sea level. This is necessary to reduce the load on the fuselage. During the flight, the pressure in the cabin changes, which is why many people periodically lay their ears.

And if there is a problem in the engine, such as a fire? In this case, smoke will not enter the cabin, the air supply will turn off automatically, or the pilot will do it.

When the pressure in the cabin drops to a critical level, a sensor is triggered and individual breathing masks fall out. In them, oxygen comes from chemical generators located above the rows of seats. Its resources will last for 10 minutes, during which time the pilot must lower the altitude to a level where you can breathe the air overboard normally.

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