Where is duty free more profitable – on the plane or at the airport?

Where is duty- fries — on the plane or at the airport?

Some fans of shopping cannot imagine themselves without their favorite pastime so much that they are ready to indulge in it every free minute – not only at the airport before departure, but also sitting in the airplane seat. Is it profitable to buy perfumes, chocolate, alcohol in this way, and if so, where are the prices lower – in duty-free airports or on board ships? Lean “Subtlety” brings clarity.

Is it even possible to buy on board?

Alas, not every airline provides such a service as in-flight shopping – and even if it has its own aero shop, not every flight can make purchases in it. But you can familiarize yourself with the assortment in advance. Aeroflot, Finnair, Lufthansa and other major air carriers have websites for their “shops on board”. In the “duty free”, which are in all major (and sometimes not very) international airports, you can also look in advance online. Moreover, they often give discounts for pre-booking goods, and at the airport such cunning customers are waiting for a purchase already packed in accordance with all the rules.

What is for sale?

As for the assortment, it is understandable that in the shops on the plane it is usually more modest than at the airport. But the prices depend on the specific product.

  • The Tom Ford Oud Wood men's perfume in Sheremetyev's duty free is more expensive than in the Aeroflot catalog (309 EUR versus 12,350 RUB).
  • A liter of Jameson Irish whiskey in the Finnair catalog and Vnukov's duty free costs the same – 29 EUR.
  • A liter of Hendricks gin in Vnukov's duty free is more expensive than in the Lufthansa air shop catalog – 50 EUR versus 40 EUR.

In general, it is believed that goods in the air are cheaper than on the ground. If only because airlines do not need to rent retail space and pay sellers (stewards will play the role of the latter). In addition, airlines often offer the opportunity to pay for purchases with miles and provide an exclusive range of goods available only on board.

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