Where ours did not disappear: 7 countries that are open, but we forgot about them

Where ours didn't disappear: 7 countries that are open, but we forgot about them

Many countries are open for Russian tourists – and this is not only Armenia with Kazakhstan and Turkey with Egypt, but also many once beloved and popular, but today slightly forgotten destinations. We can still go there, although the logistics have become seriously complicated. Moreover, many states have already lifted pandemic restrictions and canceled covid entry rules, so there will be no problems crossing the border.

1. Israel

You can go to Israel by direct flights from Moscow, Sochi and Mineralnye Vody. However, it is very difficult to catch such a ticket at an adequate price – you need to monitor and buy much in advance. There is an alternative – flights with transfers in Istanbul (3.5 hours). In this case, it turns out to be 2 times cheaper, and for routes with 2-3 connections, the prices are even 3 times lower, but it will take a day to get there. Planes fly to Tel Aviv. If you take tickets about 2 months before the date of departure, you can buy them for 33,000 RUB one way for a direct flight and for 13,000 RUB for a flight with 3 transfers. Package tours to Israel in a 3 * hotel without meals cost from 160,000 RUB for two for 7-8 nights.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam is open to tourists without any restrictions – visa or covid. For a trip up to 15 days, Russians need only a passport, they do not require any tests before the trip and on the spot. The cost of a package tour to Phan Thiet in a 4 * hotel (8 nights, deluxe room for two persons) – from 212,000 RUB on regular flights. Da Nang will cost less: a package with a hotel of the same level – from 185,000 RUB.

The most budget ticket Moscow – Ho Chi Minh City costs 50,000 RUB one way with 3 transfers in Bishkek, Alma-Ata and Delhi. It will take 1.5 days to fly. A more humane option – for 88,000 RUB with a connection in Dubai for 4 hours. With planes to Hanoi, the situation is similar. There are no direct flights. “media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Where ours didn't disappear: 7 countries that are open, but we forgot about them

3 . India

So far, you can only get to India by regular service with two transfers in Sharjah and Mumbai. A round-trip ticket with luggage costs from 90,000 RUB per person. Just on regular flights, tour operators offer packages to Goa, there are no charters. At the same time, the prices are not exorbitant – a 3 * hotel without meals for 7-8 nights costs 160,000 RUB for a standard double room, 4 * – from 190,000 RUB, if you save money and check in at 2 *, you get 120,000 RUB.

4. Morocco

Morocco, the country also accepts tourists from the Russian Federation, but unvaccinated people will need to do a PCR test 72 hours before the trip. Upon arrival, the second test was canceled, there is no more quarantine. You can get to Casablanca with Turkish Airlines for reasonable money – 25,000 RUB with luggage one way. True, with transfers in Antalya and Istanbul and in 15 hours. There are flights with one connection in Istanbul (in this case, the journey will take 10 hours), but for such a ticket you will have to pay 41,000 RUB. There are few package offers and all with a sky-high price tag, so it’s better to go on your own. Russians still do not need a visa.

5. Malaysia

If you have an extra couple of days left and you really miss the unforgettable color of Asian urban landscapes, you can rush to Kuala Lumpur. For a one-way ticket with luggage they want 47,000 RUB. But this option is for the hardy – you will have to endure 2 transfers: in Baku and Doha. But no covid restrictions on entry. You do not need a visa to Malaysia for up to 30 days. 8n/qr/8nqrnvl79ios4wgogs80co4ww.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Where ours didn't disappear: 7 countries that are open, but we forgot about them

6. Tanzania

Zanzibar is a beach hit of 2021 among Russian tourists. The cost of package tours at that time was lifting, thanks to this, tens of thousands of travelers from our country got acquainted with another exotic destination. Then Tanzania was unexpectedly closed, and when it was opened, almost no one flew there. Ethiopian Airlines flights have resumed since August 2022, and tour operators have again formed packages based on regular flights. The cost of a weekly vacation for two in Zanzibar in a 4 * hotel starts from 203,000 RUB, in the “five” – ​​from 259,000 RUB. You will have to pass 2 PCR tests: the first – no earlier than 72 hours before departure, the second – upon arrival.

7. Montenegro

They are still allowed to enter Montenegro without a visa, all coronavirus restrictions in the country have been canceled. You can fly to Tivat with one change in Istanbul for 45,000 RUB and 8.5 hours. The second option is to Belgrade for 35,000 RUB, and then to Tivat by plane for 100 EUR or by train to Bar for 32 EUR, and from there by local buses to any city on the coast. Package tours are better not to watch – the price tag is now inadequate. /m4/dxm4vwj8e3w44sggo0g848cck.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Where ours didn't disappear: 7 countries that are open, but we forgot about them

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