Where to go for the autumn holidays-2022 to be warm and inexpensive

Where to go for the autumn holidays-2022 to be warm and inexpensive

Autumn holidays fall on, let's say, not the best time in terms of weather in most regions of Russia. From mid-October, dullness and slush become a familiar sight, and a long winter looms behind them. You want to escape from all this, but prices of 200+ thousand for popular beach destinations in the 2022 season are like a barrier.

Is it really that bad? No, not that much. “Subtleties” made a selection of five destinations where you can go in the second half of autumn for a reasonable price – and get your portion of ultraviolet light and positive emotions.

1. Our Caucasus: North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Dagestan

Someone might think that a trip to natural attractions in October, and even in the mountains, is a so-so idea. Meanwhile, more than half of the days of October and the first ten days of November in the North Caucasus fall on clear weather and partly cloudy weather – nothing will prevent you from admiring the beauties of the Dzheyrakh Gorge, the Sulak Canyon and the City of the Dead. It won't be hot, of course, but you will get +13…+15 °C during the daytime.

Prices also speak in favor of traveling to the Caucasus – tickets for planes to the airports of the republics are already at a serious discount. You can buy for 3000–3500 RUB one way or even catch a sale and fly away for 1000 RUB. Housing can also be rented at very attractive rates. But where in the midst of autumn you really shouldn’t go – these are Dombay and Arkhyz. In October-November it mostly rains.

2. Adler and Sochi

In the summer, the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory are crowded, and tours to modest hotels are simply scrap price tags. Because of this, many Russians rightly decided that it was not worth it. But from mid-October, “Black Friday” begins in Adler, Sochi and the surrounding area – a decent “three-ruble note” goes for only 60 thousand for 7 days, however, without food (the prices for tours hereinafter are indicated for 2 adults and a child from 7 years old) . Swimming, of course, is already cold, but it will be sunny and beautiful – golden autumn, sea and blue sky. Residents of the Black Sea coast joke that in September they begin their second summer, which lasts until November.

3. Turkey

During the autumn holidays, a family vacation in the Turkish “four” on all inclusive will cost from 80 thousand for two and an average of 100 thousand for three. Agree, not summer wild price tags. What is there to do at this time? Walking along the embankments, sitting in a cafe, going on excursions, riding a yacht – the same thing, only without the beach component. It will be already cool for water procedures and sunbathing. Although you might get lucky. jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Where to go for the autumn holidays-2022 to be warm and inexpensive

The Land Of Legends Theme Park

4. Armenia

It is unbearably hot in Armenia in summer, it is still expensive in September due to increased demand, but going there on a family “excursion” in October is just right. A tour for 7 nights in 3 * without food or with breakfast will cost about 75 thousand, the offers of local guides will be cheaper – there are not so many who want to. And local taxi drivers, who can be hired as personal drivers for the whole day, will gladly give discounts. The weather is good at this time. In Yerevan it's like a cool summer, in the mountains it's a dry and sunny autumn.

5. Azerbaijan

October and November in Azerbaijan are a parade of festivals and a time to harvest a rich fruit harvest. Pomegranates and persimmons are favorites of this season. A big holiday is dedicated to the harvest of pomegranates, which just falls on this time and attracts a large number of tourists. Prices for tours start from 90 thousand to a 3 * hotel for 7 nights.

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