Where to hide your phone and money on the beach

Where to hide the phone and money on the beach

Even if you are not alone on the beach, the safety of valuables is always in question. Clothes, a towel, a bag are not very reliable protection against thieves, it is better to use more effective methods.

Option 1: take turns

The best way to save your phone and money is not to take them with you at all, but suddenly you want to buy something or take a picture. You can go to the beach with someone you know and take turns swimming. If this is not possible, we are looking for other options.

Option 2: Luggage storage

Luggage storage is rare, but still there are on the beaches, so carefully explore the area. Often, shops or bars near the beach offer storage services. These services are paid, but peace of mind is more expensive. /7eac26w6mnc4cggskksg4o00s.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Where to hide phone and money on the beach

Option 3: pack and take with you

Valuables can be packed in a special sealed bag with three locks and swim with it. Designed for extreme watersports, these packs will definitely stand up to regular swimming. There are different models: with fastening on the belt or with a cord so that the cover can be hung around the neck. Expensive ones are made of a special film that allows you to use the touch screen and take pictures underwater. Average cost: 300-700 RUB. Diving with a sealed bag is not very convenient: it is light and can get lost.

There are also hermetic cases and hermboxes — plastic containers that can also be worn around the neck or fastened on the arm. They are usually used for car keys. Price: about 700 RUB.

Option 4: hide it

Many people advise you to simply hide valuables in such a way that no one wants to touch them or find them. Dig a hole unnoticed under a towel or wrap it in a diaper, previously stained with chocolate – then, for sure, no one will raise their hand to accidentally “grab” it. To protect yourself from beach thieves, it is important not to lose vigilance. Namely: do not fall asleep and do not abuse alcohol, dulling attention.

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