Where to swim in summer 2023 in St. Petersburg and its environs

Where to swim in the summer of 2023 in St. Petersburg and its environs

Risky Petersburgers most often go to the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress or the park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg for summer joys, although swimming is prohibited there: sanitary services do not guarantee the purity of the water in the Neva and the Gulf of Finland. Where to plunge more cautious locals and visitors equated to them?

1. Lake Nameless

To date, Rospotrebnadzor has officially allowed swimming in only two city reservoirs – Bezymyanny and Olginsky. Nameless – a large lake with clear water in the southwestern outskirts of St. Petersburg. It is fed by many springs, and local authorities maintain order on the shore and monitor the purity of the water. There is a comfortable sandy beach with umbrellas, changing rooms and toilets, a cafe and a playground. It is good to relax here with children: the depth is shallow, the water warms up quickly, the entrance to the water is gentle. The only negative is quite natural – the beach is always crowded.

2. Olginsky Pond

Olginsky Pond is a shallow but clear body of water in the northern part of the city. Politekhnicheskaya metro station is 900 m away, bus and trolleybus stops are nearby. Along the pond, created on the site of a former quarry, a sandy beach stretches for 300 m. It is pleasant to swim and sunbathe here, but the only amenities are changing rooms and a toilet, and catamarans are entertainment options. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas and water attractions, parking too. As on Bezymyanny, there are many vacationers here during the season: both young people and families with children.

3. Neva in Otradnoe

Epidemiologists do not advise swimming along the Neva in St. Petersburg itself, but after driving 40 km to the southeast, it is already quite possible to plunge into the Neva waters. In the city of Otradnoye there is a small cozy beach with a beautiful view of the river expanses. The Neva there is quite wide and always clean due to the fast current, however, garbage is sometimes found on the shore. The coastal strip is covered with sand, large stones come across near the water. Paved paths are laid above, a playground is equipped, a descent to the river is equipped.

Affordable entertainment in Otradnoe is swimming, sunbathing, birdwatching, watching sunsets.

4. Lake Tsaritsyno

In the dense forests not far from Tikhvin, Lake Tsaritsyno spreads, which got its name in honor of the last wife of Ivan the Terrible, who lived in the monastery next door. Tsaritsyno is a suitable place to relax alone with nature: here you can hide from the bustle of the city, enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, and swim in clean cool water. A wide sandy strip runs along the northern shore, separating the reservoir from the pine forest, where it is pleasant to bask in the sun, inhaling the fragrant coniferous air.

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5. Svir and Ozerko

In the north-east of the Leningrad Region, near the border with Karelia, the Svir River flows, connecting Onega and Ladoga lakes. According to Rospotrebnadzor, this year the river water is suitable for swimming in the Lodeynoye Pole area. True, there are no officially registered beaches on the Svir in this city, and a large river with a fast current and intensive navigation is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, locals prefer to swim in a small blue lake surrounded by a pine forest. There is also a well-groomed city beach with golden sand, and changing rooms, and playgrounds – for children and sports.

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