Which Turkish resort is preferred by local oligarchs

Which Turkish resort do local oligarchs prefer< /p>Bodrum is considered the best resort in Turkey among the local oligarchs, according to the Gece news agency. It is this resort in the Aegean Sea that most wealthy citizens of Turkey choose for their holidays. In particular, Bodrum is favored by the Sabanci dynasty, one of the wealthiest families in the country. Hakan Sabanci said that although he has the opportunity to go to any resort in the world, only in Bodrum can he completely relax and get everything he needs for a holiday. Owned by the Sabanci family, Sabanci Holding controls more than 70 companies in 15 countries. The holding's turnover is 65.5 billion USD, operating profit is 15 billion USD.

The resort of Bodrum is located in the Aegean Sea, in the north of Gökova Bay, 300 km from Antalya. A large number of wealthy tourists, including Russian ones, as well as local politicians, athletes and show business stars traditionally rest here. Many wealthy tourists sail here on their own yachts.

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