Who came up with the idea of ​​going to sea?

Who came up with the idea to relax on the sea?

Almost every country with access to a more or less warm (at least a couple of weeks a year) sea has beach resorts. This type of recreation has become so popular that in many people's minds vacation is associated only with the opportunity to bask in the sun, swim and enjoy the daily idleness on the shore. But has it always been like this? No, just some 300 years ago, Europeans were not at all interested in this type of leisure.

Europeans could not even imagine that free time could be spent in this way, and even enjoy it.

It all started with the English priest William Clark

Contrary to public stereotypes, he went on vacation with his wife to the banks of the English Channel. Of course, there was no question of any hotels on the coast at that time, the couple stayed with local residents in a small village, which later turned into a popular resort. How the minister of the church came up with this is unknown, but his colorful stories in letters to friends did their job. People became interested, gradually their idea of ​​seaside vacation changed in their minds.

20 years later, in 1753, Dr. Richard Russell published a scientific paper on the health benefits of sea water and brought even more attention to the topic of coastal recreation. Gradually, hotels and equipped beaches began to appear, over time, entire cities turned into sea resorts. But nevertheless, this phenomenon became widespread from the second half of the 19th century, and the real boom in beach holidays came in the 20th century.

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