Who gets the best hotel rooms?

Who gets the best hotel rooms

Every hotel has better and worse rooms (unless, of course, it's an exclusive one-room mini-boutique hotel). A package tourist is usually the most unlucky – a cunning hotelier, starting from the maxim “it's not going anywhere anyway”, and strives to settle him in rooms of the category from “so-so” to “generally a nightmare.” A “standard” room in the hotel industry is a tricky and vague concept: some have it with a view of the sea or a beautiful park, while others have a courtyard with a construction site. At the same cost.

On the other hand, if it left somewhere, it means that it arrived somewhere, and other guests, other things being equal, get the best rooms without additional financial costs. Who are these lucky ones?

Not a timid one

The tourist must be demanding, but polite. Changing a room you don’t like for another is the right of every guest, you should not be shy about asking for it. The administration often meets halfway for correct and adequate clients and provides improved rooms for which they do not ask for an additional payment. Whether or not to offer relocation rewards is a delicate matter. This is considered normal in a number of Eastern countries, in some places hotel employees will even hint at “gratitude” for their assistance. For example, in some hotels in Egypt or Tunisia, for a small amount of cash in the administrator's pocket, you can move to a good room.

Newlyweds, couples who come to celebrate an anniversary, and other customers who have informed about a memorable date in advance can count on increased hotel loyalty. Superior rooms are often given to them as a compliment.

Completely official

Hoteliers prioritize corporate clients and members of loyalty programs. If the company's management and employees like the service, they will come with the whole team again and again – for holidays, trainings and other team building. Loyalty programs are widespread in international networks, but regional hotels also have this. Especially at those located on the untwisted beach resorts. There is still a chance for those who book accommodation on the official website of the hotel, and not through aggregators. In this case, the hotel does not pay a commission to the intermediary.

Well, do not forget about the human factor. A smile, politeness and firmness when communicating at the reception are the main “life hacks” of an experienced traveler. Five Minute Hate: 10 Breeds of the Most Annoying Hotel Roommates.

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