Why Anapa is better than Gelendzhik: 5 good reasons

Why Anapa is better than Gelendzhik: 5 good reasons

For a “just tourist”, Gelendzhik and Anapa are one and the same Russian south, where the choice of hotels, prices in restaurants, entertainment and contingent are plus or minus the same. So is it worth it to suffer with the choice of which city to go to? Experienced “Subtleties” know that the similarity of the two Black Sea pearls is relative.

And there are at least 5 points in which sunny Anapa outperforms sultry Gelendzhik.

1. Transport accessibility

In this regard, both Anapa and Gelendzhik are quite OK. Both cities have airports where major airlines operate direct flights. Buses from Moscow run direct to both resorts. True, they go to Anapa every day, and to Gelendzhik – only a few times a week. The main plus of Anapa is that here, unlike Gelendzhik, there are direct trains from Kazansky and Kievsky stations in Moscow. And this is a weighty argument for those who prefer rail transport to all types of transport.

2. Between two seas

If one sea, the Black Sea, gets bored in Anapa, you can drive to the other Sea of ​​Azov in just an hour and a half. There is the popular village of Golubitskaya, which is famous for its sand and shell beaches and suitable conditions for surfing. From Gelendzhik to the Sea of ​​Azov, the trip is twice as long.

3. Beaches

What is the most important thing in seaside resorts? Of course, the beaches. In Anapa, almost all beaches (and to be precise, 40 kilometers out of 50) are sandy. While on the coast of Gelendzhik large and medium-sized pebbles prevail, which few people like. On sandy beaches, entry into the water is more comfortable, and expanse for children: if you want, build castles, if you want, bury dad.

4. Treatment

In Anapa there is something that is not available not only in Gelendzhik, but throughout Russia. These are unique silt hydrogen sulfide muds that are mined in the Vityazevsky and Kiziltashsky estuaries, lakes Solenoe and Chumburka. The mud has a high concentration of sulfides and other minerals, and in order to heal with this natural good, it is not even necessary to settle in a sanatorium. The Taman Peninsula near Anapa is full of real mud volcanoes and mini-lakes with free access. The sands of this region are also considered healing, especially on the beaches near the village of Vityazevo. The local sand contains a lot of quartz, so it is great for psammotherapy (sand therapy), which improves skin condition.

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5. Tourist profile

Since Soviet times, Anapa has been known as the main Black Sea children's resort. A huge number of children from the USSR visited her camps, and now their children and grandchildren are already coming there for shifts. The choice of directions has become wider: in addition to sea and health camps, there are theatrical, language, dance, military sports and even IT camps. Gelendzhik can only dream of such wealth.

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