Why are there such crazy markups at airports in Russia and abroad

However, other factors also affect the cost of goods at airports. Firstly, the cost of their delivery: drivers with special training are needed to drive on the airfield. Each delivery is carefully checked. Employees have to pay more due to long working hours and additional responsibilities. Finally, in the sterile area there are special requirements for the cooking process, equipment, cutlery and other details, and these are also costs.

Pre-flight jitters somehow drown out the habit of counting money.

There is a limit to everything

All of the above does not mean that prices at airports can fly completely into space. In Russia, retail outlets in the pre-flight area are controlled by the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and consumers have the right to file complaints against presumptuous sellers. There are already precedents: Coffee House in Domodedovo was fined for abuse of dominance, and Burger King and Moo-Moo themselves agreed to return prices from heaven to earth after verification.

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