Why beautiful girls are strictly forbidden to Bulgaria: 6 reasons

Why beautiful girls are strictly forbidden to come to Bulgaria: 6 reasons

Bulgarians are greedy for beautiful women. They especially love fair-haired ones and shout after them with admiration: “Blonde!”, And the most daring ones come up to get acquainted. But, we must give them their due, they do it without the obtrusiveness of eastern men from the shores of the Red Sea. Bulgarians, of course, do not like this state of affairs: they treat foreign tourists with more restraint.

In general, Bulgaria is a country of discovery. It is crammed with attractions from the UNESCO World Heritage List, and beach holidays and local ski resorts are at the European level.

But beauties can't go there at once for six very good reasons.

1. Lost in translation

Turned upside down, the sign language of the Bulgarians will put an experienced lover of flirting into a dead end. Playfully bowing your head in agreement, you actually refuse the interlocutor, and shaking your head from side to side in an attempt to ward off the same annoying admirer, you give him a green light. In Bulgaria, “yes” and “no” are mixed up, and even if you try to remember this all the time, it is almost impossible not to make a mistake (at the most inopportune moment).

2. Temptations of Kazanlak

After visiting the picturesque and fragrant Rose Valley, a beautiful girl runs the risk of being forever lost to her country as a citizen and as a taxpayer. She will certainly want to emigrate to Bulgaria, specifically to Kazanlak, and settle among this splendor in order to wander through endless flower plantations until the end of her days.

3. Dangerous Kitchen

Bulgarian cuisine is exceptionally good and, as a result, extremely dangerous for female figures. And since its main ingredients are meat and dairy products, it will be especially difficult for vegetarians among all these kyufte meatballs, kebabchet and sausages with a breathtaking taste. Bulgarians add cheese and yogurt to almost every dish.

4. Dancing on the corner

A ritual dance on hot coals performed by a nestinar dancer is an ancient custom and a popular tourist attraction, which sometimes turns into an adrenaline quest for the beauty. In the heat of the moment, this very dancer can grab a pretty girl from the crowd of spectators and carry her in his arms through a flaming circle. It is said that at this moment he enters a trance and not only does not feel pain from burns, but does not even receive them. Interestingly, does he feel what I carry on my hands? j5/2vj5aajqwp0ks0co004s8800k.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Why beautiful girls it is absolutely impossible to go to Bulgaria: 6 reasons


5. Kostinbrod weddings

Even the most self-confident beauty will definitely fall the crown, as soon as she goes to Kostinbrod on the outskirts of Sofia and at least out of the corner of her eye sees a wedding in one of the pompous mansions of Kardarashi gypsies. This is an enchanting performance with real golden carriages leaving palaces, brides in pearl tiaras and a rain of 500 euro bills. No, this is not the scenery for the film, everything happens for real. You can try to improve your self-esteem at the brides fair in Stara Zagora, which is organized by the gypsy clan of Kalaiji every spring. Tourists come there to take a look, and Romale actually buy wives for themselves – they agree on a certain amount with the family of the girl they like. Violation of human rights, you say? And here we are sure that the ancient folk tradition!

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6 . Club trials

The most famous seaside resorts in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach and Golden Sands – are centers of attraction for fashionable party-goers from all over Europe. There are such parties that sometimes fade Ibiza and Lloret de Mar. But from constant night vigils, the color of the skin deteriorates and bags appear under the eyes, which is not at all to the woman's face. So it's better to avoid the temptation – and don't go! Here are 13 good reasons to never visit Italy.

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