Why Belek is better than Alanya

Why Belek is better than Alanya

Belek is objectively good: clean sandy beaches, very good hotels, competent infrastructure. This resort is suitable for travelers who value service, aesthetics, and prefer respectable entertainment. Alanya is more democratic and noisy, where tourists are in the thick of things and you can choose a vacation option to suit your needs. But there are problems with the beaches: even on the sandy sections of the coast, it is often inconvenient to enter the sea – stones and slabs. And there is little greenery and generally not as picturesque as in Belek.

Road from the airport

It will take 2.5–3 hours to get to the resorts of Alanya from Antalya Airport (this is where most flights arrive); approximately 100 km depending on the hotel. This is a lot, especially for traveling with children. There are tours with a flight to Gazipasa-Alanya Airport – from there it takes from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, but there are much fewer such offers.

To Belek from Antalya, drive 35 km along a wide highway – it really takes 20 minutes. A couple of hours after landing, you can already swim in the sea!


The coast of Belek is a 20-kilometer wide strip of soft, sparkling sand under the sun. Local beaches are considered the best in all of Turkey – smooth entry, clear water, shallow depth, cleanliness and beauty. Most of the coastline belongs to 5 * hotels. If you stay in one of them, you can enjoy all the benefits of excellent service.

There are 12 resort areas in Alanya, stretching for 75 km along the sea, and the beaches are very different: pebble, mixed, sandy. Without knowing the nuances of a particular area, you can seriously miss the hotel. For example, to get a sandy beach with stones near the shore, where you can safely enter the water only in aquashoes.


Alanya has a great variety of hotels for every budget: several hundred large complexes, the same number of guest houses and apart-hotels. Not everyone has good access to the beaches: sometimes you have to walk to the sea for a long time or even take transport. Due to the large number of tourists during the season, the resort seems to be overloaded.

In Belek [[Belek hotels|more than 50 five-star hotels]], they are all located on the first line, each complex is a huge area that has everything you need for relaxation. Even when fully loaded, guests feel comfortable, can relax in seclusion and peace. And if you want activity, entertainment programs, adult and children's animation are at the highest level. Prices, of course, can not be called low either. Behind the golf courses in Belek there are more budget accommodation options, but they are very far from the sea.

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Infrastructure and entertainment

Alanya has a lot of attractions, however, they are scattered at a decent distance from each other. To get from distant hotels to the city itself to see interesting places or go to the water park, you will have to travel by bus for 1.5 hours. Taxi is expensive.

In Belek, the main cultural and entertainment program is provided by the hotel complexes themselves. The Land Of Legends park is very popular, where it is quite possible to hang out for a couple of days, and if you want to go on an excursion, you can go to the ancient cities of Perge and Aspendos. They are only 30 km away, so the trip will not be tiring.

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