Why do Americans paint their lawn green? It's harmful!

 Why are they painting the lawn green in America? It's bad!

The green-painted lawn from our jokes is not a joke for the people of the United States. Ideally green football or golf courses are either artificial turf or carefully colored grass. Over the past few years, a simple invention of landscape designers has become more and more popular: not only stadiums, but also lawns in front of houses are painted green. How good is such a lawn from the point of view of Americans?

Eco-friendly and practical

Local experts have found several reasons for this strange fashion. First, you can save a lot of water: dyed grass does not need to be watered. The know-how is especially relevant in the dry southern states, where watering restrictions apply in the summer. Secondly, it is believed that the owners of evergreen lawns are less harmful to nature: to maintain a lawn in decent shape, you do not need to use a lot of chemicals and fertilizers, and this helps to reduce the carbon footprint. However, there is a simpler explanation: the new technology allows you to keep the area in front of the house in order with minimal time and effort, and also saves you from fines for unkempt territory.

Dangerous or useful?

Lawn paints on the market are made without toxic substances, based on organic pigments, so they are safe for people and pets. Moreover, American scientists have come to the conclusion that the use of such products is even beneficial for some plant species.

“In California, homeowners are being forced to switch to summer ornamental grasses, which consume less water but hibernate when it gets cold—that is, they turn yellow, dry out, and look unpresentable. Colored grass will turn green faster in the spring because it absorbs more heat on cloudy, cold days,” explains Jim Baird, a lawn grass specialist at the University of California, California.

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How to dye grass properly

Dr. the grass is still green: do not wait for the plants to turn yellow and begin to crumble. First you need to carefully mow the lawn, and then spray the paint from an aerosol can. After treatment, the grass must dry completely – this will take up to 24 hours. The best time for design work is a warm sunny day: this way a freshly painted lawn will dry faster. Do not try to paint a wet lawn – the color will be distributed unevenly.

Grass paints are quite durable, so you have to be careful not to splatter driveways or sidewalks. “Marks on concrete can last 2-3 years, so wash off stains as soon as possible before they dry,” advises Jim Baird. But the painted grass will not please the eye for so long – about 2-3 months: depending on how often it is mowed.

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