Why do foreigners always smile?

Why do foreigners always smile?

The first thing that betrays a foreigner in Russia is a smile that does not leave his face: it is especially easy to recognize a guest from abroad against the background of our compatriots who are not used to laughing often and without serious reasons. However, visitors also have their own reasons, they just differ from ours. Why do people from different countries smile?

Who smiles more often — and why?

If for Russians a smile is primarily a sign of sympathy and goodwill towards a counterpart, then for Americans and Europeans it is rather just an act of courtesy. According to the researchers, residents of countries with a high level of stability, as well as multinational states with a large number of immigrants, smile more often: in the latter case, a smile, as a means of non-verbal communication, helps to overcome the language barrier, make acquaintances and establish social ties. This is the most common version of the origin of the famous American smile: people from 83 countries live in the USA. As for the Europeans, for them it is rather a form of politeness, a social skill formed from childhood.

“An angry fist does not hit a smiling face,” say the Chinese.

How are things in Asia?

In the countries of the East, a smile is also an important element of communication, with its own nuances. In China, for example, it is used to express greetings or agreement and does not necessarily indicate joy or mutual affection. It is also a good way to resolve conflicts: “An angry fist does not hit a smiling face,” the Chinese say. Delicate Japanese using mikoniko social smileoften mask negative emotions so as not to shift their worries onto the interlocutor. Approximately the same function is performed by a smile among the inhabitants of Thailand: smiling, they save face, hold back negativity and gracefully bypass conflict situations.

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