Why do foreigners swim in shorts and laugh at swimming trunks

Why do foreigners swim in shorts, but they laugh at swimming trunks

Not all foreigners are committed to swimming in shorts – mostly men on US beaches. Many of them believe that swimming trunks are too revealing. However, this is not the main reason: people swim in shorts for convenience and mobility in order to get out of the water and immediately go to play volleyball, to a store or cafe, and then return to the beach again.

Most often, they do not wear long baggy shorts, but special ones – for surfing – or sports. They are comfortable to play on the water, ride the board. Some Americans actually laugh at swimming trunks, hinting that it is the choice of gay people. But this, of course, is a terry stereotype that has little to do with reality.

But what about in Europe?

But in Europe they treat swimming trunks well, for example, in France, Italy, Spain or Great Britain. In Italy, shorts and T-shirts on the beach are most often worn by either mature men or foreigners; there, the smaller the area of ​​u200bu200bthe clothes, the more fashionable. And in Brazil, men prefer to wear sunga – something between shorts and swimming trunks, more closed models. But walking in swimming trunks outside the beach in Europe is categorically not accepted, in some places they can even be fined for this. The main argument: the sight of people in swimming trunks destroys the image of the historical part of the cities.

And not on the beach?

In the US, swimming pools with a high density of swimming are prohibited from wearing sportswear – you can only swim in swimming trunks. This is due to the fact that people began to often come in clothes in which they worked out in the gym without taking a shower. But in pools with a low bathing density, you can dive in shorts. In Europe, it is allowed to swim in swimming pools only in swimming trunks, as in Russia.

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