Why do foreigners swim not in the sea, but in pools?

Why do foreigners swim not in the sea, but in pools ?

At seaside resorts, our novice travelers often observe a strange picture for themselves: instead of enjoying the rest on the coast and frolicking in the sea waves, foreign tourists swim in the pool with chlorinated water and sunbathe on sun loungers with their backs to the sea, ignoring even the paradise beaches of the Maldives. The main question is – is it worth spending money and enduring the hardships of a long flight for the sake of such a strange pleasure available in any water park? It turns out that there is some logic to this.

What people say

Several versions have been voiced on travel forums. According to one of them, many foreigners choose the pool because it is safer to swim in it: the water is clear and calm, without waves and depth drops, at the bottom there are no surprises in the form of sharp pebbles, corals or sea urchins.

On the other hand, it is simply more comfortable for practical citizens to relax by the pool: there is a bar with cocktails and other amenities that are not always available on the beach, and after swimming, you do not need to wash off the sand. And you can take a look at the sea in the evening, on a walk.

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But what about it really?

But there is a more prosaic reason related to the peculiarities of travel insurance. Europeans do not swim in the sea not because they do not want to: they are limited by insurance conditions. An incident that happened at sea is not considered an insured event, which means that you will have to pay for medical care out of your own pocket.

So rational foreigners prefer not to take risks, even on vacation guided not by emotions, but by practical considerations.

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