Why do men in Scotland wear skirts?

Why do men wear skirts in Scotland?

Scottish men can be seriously offended by such a question, because they wear – not skirts, but kilts! A special piece of clothing that can be considered a distant relative of the plaid. Many centuries ago, kilts were worn by all Scottish highlanders without exception: it was convenient and practical. A solid piece of woolen fabric perfectly warmed, did not restrict movement, and dried out much faster than ordinary pants. Yes, and it was easier to take it off: he pulled a couple of buckles – and you can run to the attack. Yes, it was in this form that the highlanders fought, if anyone did not know. Previously, the kilt was so large (4–5.5 m) that they could be covered with a blanket, and they wore it, wrapping not only the hips, but also the chest, and fastening it with a belt.

In addition, the kilt was originally something like a passport. By the width, color of the lines and the number of colors, one could understand who was in front of you – one's own or someone else's, a representative of which clan, an officer or a farmer.

Therefore, the kilt could not be “forgotten at home”.

What about now?

Modern Scots wear kilts as a tribute to tradition and usually wear them on major national holidays or important events: wedding, official events. Soldiers can be seen in kilts at reviews and parades, dancers, waiters, guides, musicians – at the “workplace”. But there are those who are not averse to just showing off in a plaid outfit on an ordinary day. Well, frankly, it’s not quite simple: a good, fit kilt increases the chances of attracting the views of women and being branded as a real fashionista.

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