Why do people fly to Russia for treatment all the way from America itself?

Why do people come to Russia for treatment all the way from America?

While Russians go to South Korea or China in search of affordable and high-quality medicine, their places in Russian clinics are taken by foreigners. According to the Russian Ministry of Health, the number of foreign residents who come to Russia for treatment reaches several million annually. And “Subtleties” know what is the reason for the popularity of our clinics and doctors among foreigners.

Come to me for treatment, both a cow and a she-wolf

The main foreign patients of Russian medical institutions are residents of the former USSR countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Lithuania, etc. They go to Russia for medical care, because they do not need to be explained that medicine in our country is always was and remains the same. In addition, they have a good command of Russian and are able to communicate independently with specialists (not like in some Israel). Another large group of medical tourists in Russia are former citizens of our country, people with dual citizenship, one of which is Russian, or those who have moved abroad under a work contract. They go to be treated not just anywhere (even to the most famous research institutes), but to their doctors – those who have been treating their teeth, stomachs and everything else for years and decades. These experts, in their opinion, are time-tested. In addition, if necessary, they will be able to advise some reliable luminary from other medical fields. And it is customary for us to believe in recommendations.

And the Americans?

However, frequent guests in Russian clinics are also residents of the United States and Europe: they come here for treatment for financial reasons. In America, Switzerland, England, medicine is expensive, insurance in the same States covers a limited set of services (dentistry is not included in economy insurance), and appointments with narrow specialists – orthopedists, reproductive specialists, cardiac surgeons – can be expected for months. It is cheaper and faster to buy air tickets to Moscow and go to local private clinics: you can get to many even the next day. Not the last argument for the same Americans – you can not be afraid that after visiting the institution you will be rolled out a surprise bill with a bunch of zeros, to pay off which you will have to take a huge loan (real practice in the USA). The full cost of treatment can be calculated even before it starts. And it will definitely cost less than in America.

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