Why do pilots leave the cockpit during a flight?

Why do pilots leave the cockpit during flight time?

The pilots are not constantly at the control panel of the aircraft during the flight, they may temporarily leave their seat. At the same time, at least one pilot must always remain in the cockpit of the aircraft, and a senior flight attendant is also invited there. To maintain safety, namely to prevent the hijacking of an aircraft or inadequate actions on the part of passengers, the pilots sit behind an armored door. Leaving one person at the helm is risky: he may become ill, or he alone will make the wrong decision.

The regulations provide for several reasons why pilots may leave the control room.

Knead your muscles or take a nap

The crew are people too, and they have natural needs. In addition, from time to time they need a warm-up, especially on long-haul flights. Some airlines send a reinforced team of 3-4 pilots on long flights, one of which may be absent for a while to walk around the cabin or even sleep. So, when you see a pilot getting out of the cockpit and starting to whisper something with a flight attendant, you should not panic: he just went out to warm up and chat with a colleague.

What about passengers?

It is also useful for passengers to get up from time to time and walk around the cabin so that blood does not stagnate. But alcohol is not recommended: it tires the body, it is better to drink more juice or water.

For walks, you should choose a time when food or drinks are not distributed and dishes are not collected, otherwise meeting with a cart in a narrow aisle can lead to a traffic jam and stop traffic.

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