Why don't the Chinese vacation in Turkey and Egypt?

Even in pre-Soviet times, Turkish and Egyptian resorts were not subject to the invasion of Chinese tourists, although in recent years the situation has gradually changed. It's not that they weren't there at all, it's just that tourist flows are incommensurable with the same Europe. The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not particularly tend to the shores of the Red and Mediterranean Seas for several reasons.

Exotic is a relative concept

For us, holidays in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and, especially, in Australia are a trip to the other end of the world and immersion in a completely different environment. Most Chinese people perceive holidays in Turkey and Egypt in exactly the same way: flying far, unusual food and climate, language barrier. On the shores of their native South China Sea, they feel more comfortable.

A Chinese tourist is a group tourist, there are literally a few single travelers. And the hotel industry in Turkey and Egypt is still not “tea friendly” enough.

Communication is also very difficult due to the lack of knowledge of English by many Chinese, usually only the eldest in the group speaks the language of international communication.

And the Chinese are not particularly fond of swimming in the sea and sunbathing. They almost do not know how to swim, they often enter the water in clothes. They prefer to sit on the beach, visit water parks and swimming pools. In the same Egypt and Turkey, they will go only to look at the pyramids or take a walk around Istanbul – but not “on the sea”. Do you know what Turks think about Russians? 5 common misconceptions.

Political trustworthiness

The state plays an important role in the life of an ordinary Chinese. It recommends where he should go on vacation, and where not. Disciplined citizens prefer to obey. The eastern and Arab regions, which include Egypt and Turkey, are clearly not on the white list, although there is no direct travel ban there. It's all about the difficult attitude of the Communist Party of China to the policies of these countries. 10 reasons why Russians who moved to Turkey regret their decision.

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