Why Europeans on vacation often cook themselves, while ours like to go to a restaurant

Why do Europeans often cook on vacation, while ours like to go to a restaurant

The habits of Europeans are sometimes amazing. What is worth the mere fact that it is completely normal for the British or French to come to the warm sea – and never swim! However, the Europeans, in turn, also have their own reasons to wonder. For example, many of our tourists flatly refuse to cook while traveling, while Europeans almost always try to choose apartments with a kitchen. Corrosive “Subtleties” decided to find out why this is so and whether we should learn from tourists from Europe.

«All included” and no worries

Unlike Europeans, who often spend a month or even more at the resort, Russian tourists go on vacation for only one or two weeks. During this time, ours logically strive to take a break from worries to the maximum – no household chores, no cooking. According to statistics, 60% of Russians prefer to stay in all-inclusive hotels. But even those who travel on their own and choose inexpensive hotels with only breakfast will rather go to dinner in a restaurant than cook themselves. There are several explanations for this: firstly, you can try local cuisine. Secondly, food prices are often comparable to prices in an inexpensive cafe. Thirdly, cooking takes a lot of time, which can be spent on an excursion or vacation – with much more pleasure.

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Why do Europeans prefer to cook?

But Europeans try to stay in apartments or rooms with a kitchen when traveling. On vacation, they prefer to save money – at least on housing and food. They cook homemade food, rarely choose “five” and do not like to experiment with exotic dishes in restaurants. In recent years, Russian tourists are beginning to adopt the experience of Europeans – the number of people renting apartments on vacation is steadily growing. However, our love for restaurants does not decrease.

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