Why flight attendants buckle up tighter than passengers

Why flight attendants buckle up tighter than passengers

You may have noticed that the crew is fastened to their seats more tightly than the passengers: flight attendants use not only the waist, but also the shoulder belts. And many are perplexed: do airlines really care more about their employees than about their customers? “Subtleties” found out.

Why buckle up at all?

In fact, the reality is somewhat different than it seems at first glance. Seat belts are used to ensure that passengers do not fly out of their seats during turbulence. After all, sometimes the jolt can be so strong that unfastened people will jump up to the ceiling and hit hard.

During landing, unexpected shocks and sudden braking are also possible, the plane can even roll out of the runway. Many passengers ignore the crew's warnings and unfasten their seat belts, and some even stand in the aisle to get ready to leave. But right up to the stop, it is very dangerous to do this, since the airliner is still maneuvering.

Why fasten your seat belt tighter?

Flight attendants sit in the direction of the cabin during takeoff and landing in order to see the situation and quickly respond where necessary. Their chairs are not so comfortable: the backs are always upright, and the seat is quite hard. While passengers can lean on the armrest and back of the seat in front of them during sudden braking or shaking, the crew is held only by belts – that's why there are more of them and they are stronger.

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