Why Holland has open toilets on the streets and how the locals use them

Why do Holland have open toilets on the streets and how do locals use them

Open street toilets in the Netherlands have become a real shock for many tourists from Russia. It sounds really wild, but in fact, everything is not as scary as one might imagine.

It is clear that such toilets are intended for men. These are metal or plastic urinals built into high cabinets and separated by partitions. At the same time, due to the design features, privacy in them (even in close proximity) is greater than that of classic urinals located along the wall. The most modern models are a marvelous hybrid of a toilet with a flower bed: special holes are arranged in the side wall of the vase, which are used as a urinal, and inside there is a device that processes waste products into phosphates (fertilizers) and water.

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    Reason for street toilets

    Everything is obvious here: the Dutch authorities began to install street urinals in order to combat the phenomenon that many tourist cities overloaded with vacationers suffer from: the fact that some part of this same public carelessly relieves themselves in the gateways, on the embankments, or even just on walls of houses.

    The first such WCs were more closed and resembled dressing rooms, only with sewerage. On many streets of Amsterdam, you can still find these green “fences”. By the way, with a certain amount of dexterity and courage, women also manage to use them. But in general, the issue of the lack of massively accessible bathrooms for ladies is still perceived by local residents and tourists as discrimination. But since the Dutch toilet technologists have thought of a combo flower bed with a urinal, I think they can do this task too.

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