Why in the US they like to celebrate the end of school in a big way

Why do the US like to celebrate graduation in a big way

Graduation in American schools is more than a holiday: it is an important part of the national culture, an unshakable tradition. They prepare for a grand event as carefully as for a wedding or a round anniversary, and celebrate it on a grand scale and solemnly. Why do Americans attach such importance to the end of school and how much does it cost them to say goodbye to childhood?

A bit of history

The history of magnificent graduation balls began in the late 19th century, but then they were arranged only for those who graduated from prestigious Ivy League universities. Later, this custom spread to other universities, and then schoolchildren joined the students. By the 1930s, school parties had gained such popularity that manuals began to be published in the country on how to properly organize them. Proms in the US and Canada are called prom. This is an abbreviation for promenade: the traditions of the holiday were borrowed from the British with their dance evenings.

Initially, the balls were held in order to acquaint young people with the basics of etiquette before releasing it into the light. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, boys and girls received separate higher education, and joint graduation gave them the opportunity to develop communication skills and master the subtle art of courtship.

Holiday program

Graduation preparations begin a few weeks before the celebration. First of all, schoolchildren decide with whom they will go to the holiday. Before, boys invited girls, but today it is considered quite normal if the initiative comes from a girl or a graduate goes to a ball in the company of friends. However, Americans also appreciate the traditional invitation with surprises, posters and inscriptions in chalk on the pavement, somewhat reminiscent of a marriage proposal. After the heroes of the occasion have decided on companions and companions, the choice of outfits begins. And although now you can even come to a prom party in jeans, many people prefer classic options and make sure that the gentleman's tie matches the color of the lady's dress.

Shortly before graduation, a guy picks up a girl (preferably in a limousine) and gives her a bracelet with flowers. The girl, in turn, hands the young man a boutonniere in the buttonhole of his jacket, a couple is photographed near the house – and finally you can go to the ball.

Most proms are themed, the highlight of each is a slow dance. They learn it in advance and even attend special classes to rehearse the correct movements.

The culmination of the holiday is the choice of the king and queen of the prom.

Party Budget

Expenses on the occasion of graduation are not comparable with the wedding, but you still have to spend a lot, on average about 1000 USD. The main item of expenditure is a luxurious dress for a girl and a classic suit or tuxedo for a boy. Teenagers began to celebrate graduation in expensive outfits after World War II, in the middle of the 20th century: the country's economy was booming, and Americans were ready to spend money on entertainment and entertainment. At the same time, the balls were moved outside the schools, to banquet halls and country clubs.

Today, fashion is much more democratic, and evening dresses are often rented or bought at a big discount – after Easter, prom dresses are sharply cheaper.

You can also save money on a car: renting a limousine is not cheap, so several couples often chip off and go to a party together.

Other expenses include invitation cards, manicures and hair, flowers and photographs. Parents usually pay for the organization of the celebration, but the graduates themselves also try to earn money for their holiday: they hold charity concerts and fairs, wash cars, and sometimes they simply save pocket money to contribute to the common piggy bank. Often, the graduation budget also includes the rental of a hotel room. The school holiday ends quite early, around 23:00, after which yesterday's students go to the hotel, where they walk all night until the morning.

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