Why is business class at the nose of the plane when the safest place is in the tail?

 Why is business class at the nose of the plane when the safest place is the tail?

But really – why, if the tail is considered the safest place on board, the most expensive seats – business or first class – are always in front of the liner? What is it: some kind of psychological compensation for economy passengers, a banal miscalculation or a cunning calculation? Corrosive “Subtleties” decided to figure it out, and that's what we managed to find out.

The most logical explanation for such an arrangement of classes is the design features of airliners and the comfort of passengers. Those who pay more expect more comfort, in particular, the ability to get to their seats faster than anyone else – and this is only possible at the front of the aircraft, because the main entrance is located there.

Another important point is the noise from the engines. Since they are located under the wings, the operation of the mechanisms is more audible at the rear of the aircraft. “Business” passengers should suffer less from this – that's another reason why their seats are behind the cockpit, and not in the tail.

The view from the windows in the business class is also better, precisely due to the fact that the wings do not cover the view.

In addition, although the seats in the head of the liner are considered less safe, shaking during turbulence is not felt there as strong as in the middle or at the tail of the aircraft.

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    Why is the business class in the nose of the plane when the safest place is &mdash ; tail?


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