Why is Hurghada for the simpletons and Sharm for the rich?

Why is Hurghada for the simpletons, and Sharm — for the rich?

For many Russian holidaymakers, the whole of Egypt fits in just two names – Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada. And not everyone knows how they differ from each other and whether they differ at all. Meanwhile, these resorts are focused on very different vacationers and each can boast of its own set of “chips”, which can be perceived by some as pluses, and by others as minuses.

Hurghada: sunbathing and chilling

Hurghada is known primarily for its sandy beaches with gentle entry into the water. Therefore, it is not surprising that her most ardent fans are families with children. They also appreciate Hurghada for a large selection of budget hotels: it is much easier to find a normal three-ruble note here than in Sharm el-Sheikh. In addition, some complexes have their own water parks.

The season is longer

The high season in Hurghada lasts from May to November. It would not stop in winter, but due to its location in the middle of the desert, the resort is heavily windy during the winter months. So at this time, you should definitely take warm clothes with you on a trip so as not to freeze in the evening. Unlike Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada is a large city with about half a million local residents. On the one hand, this is a plus: you can find establishments and shops for locals, where prices are lower. On the other hand, visitors are provided with increased, and sometimes frankly obsessive attention from the Egyptians.

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