Why living in Argentina is really not very good: 7 arguments

 Why living in Argentina is really not very good: 7 arguments

Argentina has fantastic nature and cheerful people. And here it is much easier than in many other countries to get a passport with which the borders of 170 states will be opened at once. However, despite such significant bonuses, residents of the Eurasian continent rarely seek to move here for permanent residence. The reason for this is a not weak set of disadvantages that make the country not the most attractive place to live, work and do business. “Subtleties” are ready to name the seven most important.

1. The end of the world

You can't fly from Argentina to resorts and to your historical homeland: the state is too far from European countries, Russia and the USA. It takes 31 hours to fly to Moscow with one transfer, from 12 hours to Madrid with a direct flight, to Los Angeles with one transfer – almost 19 hours, to Bangkok with one transfer – from 36 hours. Prices match the timing: a one-way ticket to Thailand costs from 190,000 RUB.

7. Petty robberies are a common thing

Serious crimes are rarely registered in the country, but petty thefts are a constant phenomenon, so it’s better not to shine on the streets with expensive jewelry or fancy phones. This applies not only to tourists, but also to those who live in Argentina: local thieves do not distinguish between their own and others.

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