Why living in Austria is really not very good: an inside look

Why living in Austria is really not very good: an inside look

Cozy Austria with fabulous castles, great desserts, the most famous ski resorts and the enchanting music of Mozart simply cannot fail to please the traveler. But those who have moved here already as residents can tell a lot about how postcard Austria differs from everyday Austria. The seven main nuances of life in Austrian – in a review of the impartial “Subtleties”.

1. Hostility to foreigners

The Austrians are considered almost the main xenophobes of Europe. They do not like foreigners (especially Turks), treat them with distrust and suspicion, although they try to keep a face. When applying for a job or looking for an apartment to rent, foreigners should be prepared to be the last to be considered (if at all). Those who have a European appearance and speak impeccable German can get a better job than others. However, knowledge of German does not guarantee against misunderstanding: in Austria there are at least a dozen dialects that are actively used in everyday life.

2. Life in rainbow colors

Moving to Austria implies a broad outlook: for all the local loyalty to religion (to be a Catholic here means to be a decent, respected member of society), LGBT communities thrive in the country. At the legislative level, same-sex marriages are allowed with all “traditional” rights, and a large gay pride parade is held annually in Vienna, where up to 100 thousand people participate. Religiosity is especially felt in rural areas of Austria, freedom of morals – in the capital.

3. No service

Finding a good dry-cleaner, a decent nail technician or hairdresser, repair or alteration of clothes in Austria is a task with an asterisk. The local service representatives are slow, careless and can easily postpone your order indefinitely because they want to go on vacation. The waiters are also slow, and sometimes frankly rude. They (like store clerks) don't really care if you're happy with the service or not. fs.tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/4s/19/4s197i3ov4ao8sok44g8cswo0.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

 Why living in Austria is really not very good: a look from the inside

4. You need to plan everything in advance

Even much in advance. Going to the doctor, meeting with friends, visiting the bank – get ready for the fact that it will be necessary to agree on all this at least a couple of months in advance, such are the orders here. In Austria, you can’t take and drop by a notary after work or arrange with a realtor to show you an apartment tomorrow evening. It's just not accepted here.

5. Poor entertainment

Can anyone get bored in luxurious Vienna, one of the world's cultural capitals? Yes, those who are indifferent to traditional culture – exhibitions, operas, classical music, hundreds of museums. Party lovers will be disappointed: noisy entertainment is not very popular, although there are still good clubs. .ru/sized/f550x700/ey/l5/eyl511km2jsog0g8480gckc8w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

 Why living in Austria is really not very good: a look from the inside

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6. Difficult to get a pet

Just going and fetching a cat from the street and then living happily ever after with him is unrealistic in Austria. To get a pet, you will have to complete a whole quest: pass an interview at a shelter, register a pet with the city government, and complete the necessary documents. In addition, cat and dog owners need to pay tax on animals, pay for their insurance and insure liability to other people. In case the dog wants to bite someone.

7. Mentality

Especially emotional immigrants call Austrians cold and hypocritical. The locals are really not too emotional, not ready to make close contact, and generally do not know what heart-to-heart conversations are. They prefer established companies and entertainment, are conservative, unhurried, and like to follow clear instructions rather than improvise. Men note a not too joyful feature in Austrian ladies: they are sometimes too lazy to take care of themselves, make up, bother with outfits. The Austrians are touchy, especially when they are trying to equate them with the Germans. Throughout history, these peoples have had an uneasy relationship. There is also a complex of a small neighbor: Germany has a serious weight in the political arena, while Austria cannot boast even a tenth of such importance.

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