Why living in Georgia is wonderful: 9 compelling reasons

Why living in Georgia is wonderful: 9 convincing arguments

Admirers of Georgian cuisine do not need any special arguments: they already consider a place where you can enjoy freshly prepared khachapuri, khinkali, mtsvadi for ridiculous money, the best on earth. If you need more compelling (and not only gastronomic) reasons to fall in love with Georgia, read on.

1. Georgia is famous for its natural resources: mountains, rivers of flowing crystal, canyons, green valleys, the sea … At the same time, the country itself is very compact, you can get from the capital to the sea in some 7 hours.

2. In Georgia, you can finally remember what the real taste of vegetables and fruits is – and at the same time, such an experience will not be ruinous. The gifts of nature here are cheap and breathtakingly delicious. And what the locals do from them: wine, snacks, sweets, sauces – it's impossible to break away! They also constantly treat – beauty!

3. In Sakartvelo it is impossible to remain a pessimist. Delicious food and wine, good-natured people who are not in a hurry to go anywhere, a glorious climate with an abundance of sunny days will quickly make even the saddest Carlson in the world cheerful and smiling.

4. If you need to pump your communication skillsYou won't find a better place either. Georgians are sociable and tolerant people, ready to discuss with the same interest even food, even the weather, even newborns.

5. In Georgia, you will really like the prices of many things: taxis and public transport, homemade cheeses and wine, greens and vegetables. And to live there in a country where you have to spend less on it, you see, is always more pleasant.

6. Georgia is one of the few states where Russians can live for a year without a visa, and in order to extend the period of stay in the country, a visaran is enough. At the same time, you don’t have to go far: Armenia and Türkiye are close at hand.

7. The country is also good for those who dream about their own business. IP in Georgia can be opened in one day, in this regard, the bureaucracy is minimal. Micro businesses with income up to 30,000 GEL are exempt from taxes, businesses with income up to 100,000 GEL pay tax from 3 to 5%.

8. Here you can feel like a wealthy person even if you don't have the highest salary by Moscow standards. The average salary for locals is 1700–2200 GEL. The salaries of average Russian programmers are 3 times higher.

9. As soon as you settle in Georgia, all your friends and acquaintances will begin to openly envy you. And there is something! In this country life is tasty, sincere and warm. What else is needed for happiness?

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