Why living in Portugal is really not very good: 6 arguments

Why living in Portugal is really not very good: 6 arguments

franky1st Portugal is incredibly beautiful, one of the least expensive European countries (if you don’t take into account the cost of apartments) and is famous for the fact that its residents are loyal to immigrants: the words “come in large numbers here” and sidelong glances from them are usually not heard or seen. All this makes the birthplace of port wine one of the most tempting places for immigration – and thousands of immigrants are in a hurry to change their countries for this little paradise. True, a couple of months after the move, they begin to notice that Portugal also has disadvantages. “Subtlety” found out why life in the land of azulejos and fantastic beaches can seem far from a fairy tale for six reasons.

1. Cold apartments

Sunny Portugal doesn't know what central heating is. You will be lucky – you will live in a new house with good windows through which the wind will not get through, with gas heating, and even a fireplace that can be romantically heated in the evenings. If you're not lucky, you'll find out what winter is like in a beautiful, but old house, where you have to plug cracks in windows and doors to keep out the draft, and save yourself with electric blankets, then receive huge energy bills.

6 . A strange dialect

It is most comfortable to speak Portuguese if you lisp and suffer from a slight runny nose (the latter, however, can be provided by local winds). Otherwise, you need to do a little violence on yourself each time in order to extract sounds similar to the speech of the local inhabitants. And you also need to constantly keep in mind that there should be “y” at the end of the word, and where you want to put “s” there should be “w”, although it is not written the way it is heard. However, these rules are easy to remember by the name of the most famous Portuguese – Cristiano Ronaldo.

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