Why living in Rome is really not very good: 6 good arguments

Why living in Rome is really not very good: 6 good arguments

One of the most ancient cities in the world rarely leaves anyone indifferent. He impresses someone so much that he even inspires them to move. True, having changed their status, the newly minted residents of the Italian capital quickly realize that living and relaxing in Rome are two big differences. There is a lot of garbage on the streets of the city, crowds of vacationers make it difficult to book a table in a cafe, you have to constantly bypass tour buses and groups and put up with high prices for everything. What else complicates life in Rome, the picky “Subtleties” found out.

1. Narrow streets

Rome was built at a time when the appearance of cars could not even be predicted. Accordingly, it never occurred to anyone to plan streets wide enough for two cars to pass through. Some Roman alleyways can only be traversed on a scooter, and in some places you can only walk.

2. Inconvenience for car owners

Being a car owner in Rome is expensive and impractical. Gasoline in Italy costs from 1.50 EUR, the streets are narrow, road works are constantly going on, there are very few organized parking lots, and they are in the center, they charge big money for car repairs and at the same time do bad things without any hesitation. It is not surprising that there are so many scooters and smarts here: they “eat” less and do not require much space.

3. Old houses

The Italian capital has a lot of old housing stock. But not like in Russia, where hundred-year-old houses with heating and all amenities are considered old. And quite ancient, built 200 or even 300 years ago, with thick stone walls and a minimum of communications. It's cold, damp and feels like it's constantly dirty.

Apartments in Rome are often rented out with grandma's furniture. If you turn your nose up too hard and look for something modern, you can end up homeless.

4. Interruptions in public transport

Although in Rome there are not only buses and trams, but also the metro, it will not work to completely rely on public transport. The subway runs at large intervals – up to 10 minutes, buses can generally appear once an hour, although the schedule says that the route runs every 5-10 minutes. In addition, drivers regularly go on strike. You can’t run into a taxi in Rome: due to traffic jams and high prices, one trip can easily cost 30–50 EUR.

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5. Frequent street thefts

An excess of gaping tourists in Rome could not remain without consequences. And he did not stay, breeding a fair number of street thieves. But if travelers looking at the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain usually lose their wallets and bags, then those who settled in Rome drag something bigger – scooters, bicycles, electric scooters. Even steel cables do not save the latter from theft.

6. A sea of ​​paving stones

Stiletto heel lovers in Rome quickly transform into sneakers or ballet flats fans, because paving stones are literally everywhere in the capital of Italy. It kills the heels and suspension of cars, it is slippery in the rain and all the time you have to look under your feet, and not around, so as not to stumble.

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