Why morning flights are better to fly: 3 arguments

Why morning flights are better: 3 arguments

Few people know that morning flights have a number of advantages over others. Now we will tell you why you should get up early in order to go on a flight.

1. Fewer delays

According to experts, according to statistics, morning flights are less likely to be delayed than flights at other times of the day. Before 8:00 the airspace and airports are the most free, and after 18 rush hour begins. The loading of air harbors especially increases on weekends and holidays due to the growth in passenger traffic. Then queues for passport control and security checks increase, planes wait longer for permission to take off, and the likelihood of a flight delay increases. In addition, when traveling to the airport in the early hours, it is easier to avoid traffic jams.

2. More comfortable

Aviation experts have long noticed that airplanes are less likely to experience turbulence in the morning, as thunderstorms, rain and strong winds are more common in the afternoon or evening.

3. Sometimes cheaper

When traveling to the airport early in the morning, the price of a taxi is usually lower than at other times of the day. Also, some airlines sometimes try to lure passengers to less popular early flights and reduce ticket prices.

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