Why Taiwanese live with their parents even after marriage

Why Taiwanese live with their parents even after marriage

If you think that only in Russia a young family with children can live in a “kopeck piece” with a mother-in-law and two cats, then no. In Taiwan, this is also the norm.

On the island, many people do not leave their parents when they start studying, they don’t leave when they start with meet someone, and even after marriage they stay with mom and dad.

The official figures are very different, but you can find data that more than a third of Taiwanese still live with their parents after the age of 30, and about 20% of all married couples aged 35 to 54.

The stats are changing and it's not exact data, but a lot anyway.

Why is this happening? Because it is expensive to live alone or because it is customary?

Why Taiwanese live together with parents, even after marriage

I asked local 25+ if they have the opportunity to move out from their parents or is it forced decision, and my question was surprising. Almost everyone I spoke to worked and could afford to live on their own. But they didn't want to. They were all right and so. They said that they might move out later, when it would not significantly affect their budget.

Officially, adult children in Taiwan are much more likely to live with their parents in rural areas, while this is less common in cities.

The reason is different housing. In the cities, apartments are too small, and grown-up children are forced to move out, they already physically do not have enough space. And they have more opportunities to earn. Although even here many people decide to live with mom and dad until the very end. -parentjami-dazhe-posle-braka-790f80b.jpg” alt=”Why Taiwanese live with their parents even after marriage” />

In rural areas, most often Taiwanese live in secret houses, where there are several floors, and in them you can feel comfortable and have personal space. So there is no need to leave. In fact, they have their own floor in their parents' house, and that's enough for them. Or you can bring the bride or groom to such a house.

Since housing is expensive, the longer children live with their parents, the more they save. This is considered the most popular item on the “how to save some money when you're young and want to live better” list. And then, when you are no longer so young, you just get used to living with your mother and don’t want to move out.

Why Taiwanese live with their parents even after marriage

Guanxi, a Confucian rule, plays an even bigger role in this choice requiring compliance with obligations to family members. It is not something that was strictly observed, but still influenced the traditions. And, if the parents are elderly and they need help, then the children stay with them to care for and help.

Although in recent years the younger generation is not so limited by tradition, a very attentive attitude towards the elders is still preserved in society.



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