Why You Can Be Dropped off a Plane: 10 Good Reasons

Why you might be thrown off the plane: 10 good reasons

Even if you have a ticket, a passenger may not be allowed to board the plane, but there are always good reasons for this. We tell you which ones.

10. Late

The standard check-in procedure prior to boarding takes quite a long time, even for domestic flights. This must be taken into account when planning a trip to the airport. If you are even a few minutes late, the plane will not wait and will fly away without you.

9. Alcohol intoxication

According to the rules of air transportation, flight attendants have the right to refuse boarding to passengers in a state of extreme intoxication, as they pose a serious danger to flight safety.

8. Infectious disease

Passengers with signs of a viral infection may also be denied boarding so that they do not infect others. This is spelled out in the Air Code of the Russian Federation.

7. Pregnancy

Restrictions for the transportation of expectant mothers exist only in the later stages – from the 36th week of pregnancy, they are allowed on board only with a permit from a doctor.

6. Disability

For wheelchair users, there is a limited number of seats on board, usually no more than three. If they are busy, other applicants may not be allowed to fly.

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5. Overweight

We are, of course, not talking about a couple of extra pounds gained on vacation. Boarding is denied to passengers who cannot fasten their seat belt, but these restrictions do not apply to all airlines.

4. Bad smell

A strong unpleasant smell from a passenger or his hand luggage, luggage can cause a flight refusal – airlines care about the comfort of their customers.

3. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the aircraft cabin, and attempts to violate this law are punished severely: administrative liability and removal from the flight are provided.

2. Disobedience

Passengers must follow the orders of all crew members unquestioningly, otherwise you may be thrown out of the plane.

1. Inappropriate Behavior

You must behave decently on board and not disturb other passengers. Aggressive behavior, loud laughter and screams, fights and abuse, insults, exposure, sexual harassment, damage to property, jokes about terrorism are also punishable.

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