Wizz Air ranks worst in UK passenger complaints

Wizz Air ranks worst in UK passenger complaints

The latest quarterly complaints data released by the Civil Aviation Authority shows that Wizz Air clearly ranked worst among airlines in terms of the number of complaints filed with either ADR schemes or the regulator's in-house complaint handling team in the third quarter of 2022. A total of 811 complaints per million passengers carried.

With the exception of Royal Brunei Airlines, which has 555 complaints per million passengers, other airlines have lagged far behind. — two or more times.

The regulator has also recently questioned the time taken by Wizz Air to process claims received directly from passengers and the large number of District Court Judgments (CCJS) that have been issued against Wizz Air and claims remain pending.

< p>The UK Civil Aviation Authority has made it clear to Wizz Air that this way of handling passengers is unacceptable and that these issues need to be addressed urgently.

Wizz Air acknowledged the delays and regretted these issues. The carrier has formally committed to settle the outstanding claims and outstanding ADR payments by Christmas. The Civil Aviation Authority will monitor the situation.

Anna Bowles, Head of Consumer Policy and Enforcement at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Passengers have every right to expect their complaints and grievances to be resolved quickly and efficiently and treated fairly by airlines. The volume of complaints and lawsuits received by ADR against Wizz Air is much higher than against other airlines. This, along with delays in the processing and payment of claims and the high volume of District Court lawsuits filed against Wizz Air, is of great concern.”

“We have made it clear to Wizz Air that its behavior is unacceptable and that we We expect overdue complaints and claims to be resolved before Christmas. We understand that district court judgment payments may continue into January, but we urge Wizz Air to ensure they are prioritized. We will continue to monitor the situation. If we have evidence that an airline is letting passengers down, we will not hesitate to take more serious action if necessary.”

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