You can now stay in Bali with a 10 year visa

Second Home Visa program introduced in Indonesia

Now you can stay in Bali with a 10-year visa

Indonesia is working hard to attract wealthy foreigners to the country, emphasizing long-term stay in Bali and others destinations.

To do this, Indonesia introduced the Second Home Visa program, which will allow foreign tourists to stay and work in the country from 5 to 10 years. However, there is a catch! If reports are to be believed, the new “five and 10 year visa” will be available to those with at least $130,000 in bank accounts.

Reports say the policy will come into effect in force at Christmas. Referring to this, Acting Director General of Immigration Widodo Ekatyahyana during the launch ceremony on the resort island said that this is not a fiscal incentive for certain foreigners who will be able enough to make a positive contribution to the Indonesian economy.

In doing so, Indonesia is also joining countries such as Costa Rica and Mexico in offering long-term residences for professionals, retirees and other wealthy individuals.

Indonesia has also launched extradition plans visas for digital nomads in 2021, which aims to attract visitors to Bali. This popular tourist destination began to gradually reopen to foreign tourists on October 14 last year, as the Indonesian government sought to further boost the local economy by lifting restrictions and adding more perks for travelers.

As As previously reported, the Indonesian government has lifted most of its travel restrictions and introduced a no-quarantine trial period and visa-on-arrival (VOA) scheme for 72 countries on March 7, 2022.

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