You can’t say that: 7 phrases that infuriate everyone

You can't say that: 7 phrases , who piss everyone off

Fighting them is like fighting windmills in Spain. But Don Quixotes from philology do not lose hope one day and forever to expel from everyday speech phrases that have nothing in common with the Russian literary language – like “lie down”, “go”, “I will convince you” and “I won’t fit”. We decided to support the fighters for the purity of the language in this endeavor and publish our top expressions that infuriate not only linguists and educated travelers, but all literate people in general.

Pay the fare

The main motto of the conductors is meaningless and merciless. From this phrase, all educated people began to shake from the early morning and did not let go until late in the evening. And all because you can not pay “for something.” You can only pay for something. And you can pay for “something”: travel, service. f550x700/3g/1w/3g1wq7vvkmm8skwo0s8804o8s.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

So you can’t say: 7 phrases that enrage everyone

Planting potatoes

Those who plant potatoes have a lot of arguments. Like, and Dahl in his dictionary called the options “plant/plant” equal, and in general the word “plant” came from the word “garden”. However, philologists are inexorable: it is correct to “plant”. Everyone – both people and potatoes. “Sit down” is a colloquial variant.

My birthday

With this phrase, you can calmly bring the interlocutors and cause them to have fits of rage. Where is the mistake? That those who say so seem to be trying to combine “birthday” into one word (like “Sunday”). And there are two of them, and “day” is the main one, and “birth” is a dependent word that is subordinate to “day”. Therefore, always, in all contexts, “the day of (what?) Birth.”

Wave to your aunt

Another phrase that hurts the tender ears of listeners. And all because it belongs to the category of vernacular. At the same time, some dictionaries and even very respected grammar portals recognize the viability of such a construction. But you'd still rather “wave” than “wave”.

Bend a leg

An invention of those who are equally fond of the words “bend” and “bend”, so they decided to combine them into some intermediate version. Alas, it is not recorded in dictionaries, that is, it does not exist. And if you persist, proving the opposite, you can get hit on the head with this very dictionary. Therefore, we only “bend” the legs and the rest – and nothing else.

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Send it with me

There is nothing to complain about: all these forms of words exist In russian language. They just don't have to stand next to each other. Because “send” is a form of the verb “send (whom? what?)”, not “go.” Therefore, “send Petya with me/send a letter” is correct, but without Petya and a letter it’s no longer there, then just “come with me”.

Pozyazya and others

If you want to summon a demon, say “posyazya”, “thank you”, “yumka”, “ halyasho” and other diminutive words. Bes will appear immediately. Perhaps in the guise of your teacher neighbor or close friend. Yes, yes, your lisping even makes them want to hit you harder. So drive these vile words with a filthy broom from your vocabulary.

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